About Us

Sleep Diagnostic Center (SDC) is a 2 bedroom sleep disorder laboratory under the direction of Dr. Kris Bhat. Sleep Diagnostic Center opened independently in 1997. Currently, we have three locations to better serve our sleep patients: Beaumont, Humble, and Houston (Spring area). Sleep Diagnostic Center has been accredited by the Academy of Sleep Medicine (Humble & Beaumont). To earn accreditation, Sleep Diagnostic Center met or exceeded all professional qualities of treating and diagnosing sleep disorders as designated by the Academy of Sleep Medicine. The accreditation process included detailed inspection of the center, facility, staff, including and evaluation of testing procedures, patient contacts, and physician training. Sleep studies are conducted 7 days a week and the following procedures are performed at the laboratory:

• Overnight polysomnography
• CPAP Titration
• Multiple latency tests
• CPAP desensitization

The Center also provides the following patient services:

• Consultation and evaluation by trained sleep specialists
• The treatment for the majority of sleep disorders
• CPAP follow-up and calibration and adjustment (if needed)
• Individualized sleep hygiene, nutrition, and other necessary sleep-related education
• CPAP mask and fittings

Sleep Diagnostic Center is not only a sleep laboratory but it is also a full-service sleep diagnostic and treatment center. The patient receives comprehensive sleep evaluation by Dr. Kris Bhat with his extensive experience in treating sleep disorders.

Sleep Diagnostic Center has excellent sleep technicians, registered polysomnographists, and well-trained nurses to guide you through the education for various sleep disorders.